Our Story

Celebrating The Beauty Surrounding Us

Bahaari is a journey -- an expression of culture -- a connection between communities.

We are an original brand that tells the story of human diversity through an inspirational fine line of hand-crafted accessories.

Each of our unique, colorful pieces is hand-crafted from the highest quality of global textiles such as Wax cotton prints, and are only available as limited collections. Our fine accessories lend a bold, positive energy to all aspects of daily urban life and the expression of your own personal journey. Let’s celebrate the beauty that surrounds us and enjoy our portal of discovery!


“I am Meriam, Creative Director and Founder of Bahaari.
Born and raised in Central Africa and traveling extensively throughout Europe,
I crossed an ocean to share my experiences and the beauty I've found.
This passion for cultures and global heritage inspires me and has become the story of Bahaari.
If you feel that same connection --that warmth of diversity--then I know
these one-of-a-kind pieces will compliment your own story and style.”


Bahaari (noun)

Bahaari means Ocean in Swahili and Arabic.
Ocean reminds me of summers on the Mediterranean Sea in North of Africa, where I spent my childhood vacation with my family and also, where I grew up in Democratic Republic of Congo. I used to stare at the infinity of the Lake Kivu which nourished my imaginary of big travels to other far continents. I’ve been lucky to be born in this breathtaking region of the world where I grew-up and develop this love for aesthetic, Safaris and travelling.
The ocean or the sea represents freedom, strength, travels, happiness and discoveries to me…
These are words and emotion I hope that people share when they experience the Bahaari Collection. - Meriam