Our latest Collection.

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The Voyage Fine Collection

Elegance and chic..

The Voyage Fine Collection Capsule, defined by the French word for travel, is inspired by the world travels and the color palettes we experience when being on the road.

Our latest Fine Collection is an invitation to reconnect with your memories from a past travel that awaken your senses and emotions. From unique fragrances, textures and visual enlightenment from the color palette revealed by the sightseeing - this Fine Collection was inspired by the travels and style encounter throughout my journey. With the Voyage Fine Collection, I wanted to offer a fine line that will effortlessly take you back on an escape.

The Capsule Fine Collection carries our signature, unique and distinctive prints carefully curated and, delicate pieces for a statement style. This Fine Collection celebrates the natural elements that surround us and especially when experiencing the magic of a Safari.

The Voyage Fine Collection is the essence of true authenticity and our love for discoveries..

I hope you’ll enjoy the Voyage as much as I had for designing this fine Collection,