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The KAHAWA Collection

our latest local Collaboration with Foxtail Coffee Co.

We are beyond excited for the release of our new series, The Kahawa Collection, designed in collaboration with Foxtail Coffee Co. We are very proud of this local collaboration and for this one-of-a-kind bags that we are now offering exclusively at Foxtail Coffee Co's Winter Park store.

The collaboration between Foxtail Coffee and Bahaari was born from our mutual love of global beauties and Kahawa (Coffee in Swahili language). We want to tell a story of travel, a dream from afar, by offering you a unique and local creation. But more importantly, we want to start making better choices for our future. By upcycling coffee bean bags, provided by Foxtail Coffee Co, we are taking action to help reduce our impact on the environment, giving a second life to materials that would otherwise require heavy waste collection and processing.

At Bahaari, we believe handcrafting quality, long-lasting accessories in a sustainable way, without ever compromising on style and designs, creates a beautiful experience for you, our customers. The bags of this singular collection are all unique, with the original marking of the coffee bag, and the one-of-a-kind design of the African Wax print. They are meant for the conscious buyer, the traveler, the coffee lover, who proudly supports local creation.

We love the idea that when you choose to integrate our products in your life, you take part in a journey that started thousands of miles away, carrying global beauty, relaying the story behind each one of our prints. It is now time to write your own story with these bags, continuing the voyage and making them your statement!

We can't wait to see which ones you pick from our large selection.

Grab a coffee and discover the Kahawa Collection!