Our new collection, an inspiration.

In the Swahili language, Amani means Peace and Harmony… In Arabic, it means Wishes, and Aspirations.
Through this vibrant new collection, I wanted to celebrate the unique vibe the so-called African print, the Dutch Wax fabric, brings to life and make the designs live in harmony with our lifestyle.

Dutch Wax fabrics have always been part of my life, and as long as I can remember, me and my siblings have always worn these very rich textiles. In fact, it was my mother who taught us to appreciate the colors and to respect the meaning behind the designs. She taught us every design has a specific message, a story to tell…
Well… this might be the chance for a later post!

I am proud, humbled even, to work with materials that have such a rich and long history. Today’s the Dutch Wax fabric has travelled the world over the years. First inspired from Indonesian Batik, it appeared in Europe and then found it’s way to Africa where it is valued and beautified by the people of the continent.

The Wax fabrics is not just a series of pretty designs printed on cotton, it truly is a Human heritage. With Bahaari’s journey and the AMANI collection, I am committed to celebrate the rich history of this valuable textile. It is about welcoming the new and finding Peace and Harmony with the still present past.

Embark on this journey with, and enjoy these joyful pieces, full of Aspirations and Wishes for a peaceful tomorrow.